TLDR: Every internet product that is free to use is monetized (or will be) via advertisements . Now, the companies behind these free services have to maintain a balance between user privacy and data collection to show relevant ads.

Facebook earned 98.5% of 2018 revenues through displaying ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and third-party online properties (websites or mobile applications.

Now, Facebook delivers its ads to users based on user profiles and Facebook’s algorithms to match marketers’ desired target audience to deliver measurable ROI on marketer spend.

if the product is free, you are the product

The list…

Few shots of the nice campus and the village around

That is the New Academic Block that has CS/IS department (My Department). The Block is a two storyed underground building. Nothing, on ground floor :D

This is one of the four grand entrance to the New Academic Block — here people call it as NAB

Sudhir Mishra

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