My first program that sent a SMS

Following is a small excerpt from my under graduation, i.e. the year 2012. This is to demonstrate the get-things-done attitude of Sudhir Mishra ;)

As part of my 7th semester project, I had partnered with Upasi Mehta to build a social network for our college. Now, if you look into the final report we submitted, you will find a section where we proposed implementing a SMS functionality.

Now the highlight of the story is that,

I was able to put together a PoC of the SMS functionality within a day, and integrated it in the web app in another week.

For the curious minds, this is how I did it.

  1. Install Ozeki SMS Gateway
  2. Use the MySQL approach to send out SMS
  3. Integrate the insertion of SMS into the web app
  4. Used the Nokia feature phone with the SMS pack from Vodafone as the SMS carrier
web app was based on java servlets and backed by mysql as the database